Mapping "external names" to usernames vs names when using SSO


I’m right in the middle of setting up a trial Discourse instance and this includes configuring SSO with the user accounts on an external server. These user accounts must have an email / password, and they may have an optional name and avatar. That name is not guaranteed to be unique and can contain arbitrary UTF8 including whitespace.

Looking at the docs, I have no idea if this “external name” should be mapped to the Discourse “name” or “username”? I assume Discouse usernames have to be unique and can’t contain whitespace, so I may have to use “name”. But then what happens if the SSO’ed Discourse accounts have a name but no username?

Thanks for any help!

PS: I plan to enable all the “sso overrides” settings so that things remain in sync.

Map your external names to sso name. It will generate unique username automatically

Thanks for the help.