Mark a PM as read if the message was replied to by email (aka, there's a topic reply logged in Discourse)

I use part of Discourse to do support ticket requests at Because part of my day is publicly replying to questions online it’s easy for me to go into the private support tickets from the Discourse interface and reply to the DMs in Discourse that were created by emails to the email-receiver (help & my company dot com). However, most of the time in the morning I’m groggily going through these tickets that are forwarded to my work email through my email client and not on Discourse. I would like it if Discourse would mark the DM as read (not blue highlighted) if I’ve replied to a DM via email. This way when I’m a forum-junky as my #dayjob I can look at my tickets and only the ones I have not replied to are highlighted. I could see this as being beneficial for anyone using a mixed email/discourse workflow like I do.

thanks, love what you all do