Managing unread counts in conjunction with email

I use our instance of discourse mostly through email as a mailing list. But when I hop onto the site, it shows me this huge long list of things I ‘havent seen’, even though ostensibly I have.

I propose a tracking image or similar is put into the mail out template so that discourse can detect opened emails and keep this feature reasonably synced.

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Related discussion, though having a topic dedicated to this is probably a good idea:

You can enable always show images from a particular provider for long term use as a user.

You could utilise the alt text on the image to say why its there on the software end. “Enable images for site name so we can update your read topics” or similar.

Another issue thats probably worth its own thread is that in Gmail, you get a ‘double post’ when you reply to a thread, since you see your email out and the resulting email back. If you’re like me, you forget that, do something else for a bit, then go ‘oh look, someone replied… oh its just me. doh’


I’m late to the game, but I’d also like things that were emailed to me to not be marked ‘new’ in the interface. I’m not even asking for the sophisticated “has it been opened” tracking requested by the OP. Just, if I’ve opted in for email notifications on a topic or category, assume I have read or will read new messages there and don’t mark them ‘new’ in the interface.


Hi ganncamp welcome to the forum

AFAIK, synchronizing “email read” to “browser read” was never realized.

However, if you go to your New / Unread pages when you login to the forum, you should see a “Dismiss” button. That effectively sets those topics to Seen / Read status.


Hi Mittineague,

Yes, I know this was never realized. That’s why I bumped the thread. :slight_smile:

And I understand I can ‘Dismiss’ (in 3 separate actions: New, Unread, Notifications) “unread” items. Unfortunately those dismiss actions are indiscriminate, but I have been discriminating about what I’ve set up to be emailed to me: I’m email-subscribed to a subset of categories + topics I’ve weighed in on. Those things come to my inbox and get priority. The rest, I read in the Discourse UI. As it is, I have to wade through the things I’ve already seen in my inbox to find the lower-priority items that I don’t have delivered straight to me.