Managing unread counts in conjunction with email

(Joshua Hogendorn) #1

I use our instance of discourse mostly through email as a mailing list. But when I hop onto the site, it shows me this huge long list of things I ‘havent seen’, even though ostensibly I have.

I propose a tracking image or similar is put into the mail out template so that discourse can detect opened emails and keep this feature reasonably synced.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Related discussion, though having a topic dedicated to this is probably a good idea:

(Joshua Hogendorn) #3

You can enable always show images from a particular provider for long term use as a user.

You could utilise the alt text on the image to say why its there on the software end. “Enable images for site name so we can update your read topics” or similar.

Another issue thats probably worth its own thread is that in Gmail, you get a ‘double post’ when you reply to a thread, since you see your email out and the resulting email back. If you’re like me, you forget that, do something else for a bit, then go ‘oh look, someone replied… oh its just me. doh’