Mark colored staff posts in the timeline bar

In long topics, it would be good to have markers on the timeline/scrollbar to indicate where colored messages are. Ideally, I expect colored posts to be somewhat like pinned messages on other platforms, they should be

  • easily accessible and referenced to
  • noticed by users, they are colored for a reason (attention)
  • since this is discourse, a read/unread state could be represented as well in the timeline

this is useful in long topics, and should be a core feature IMO, colored posts are easily scrolled over during fast scrolls and they should be posts that not only stand out but also can be easily found.

How does the community feel about this? Have you ever had a similar situation?


Hi MarcP!

There are related topics. They’re not specifically about staff posts but discussions about timeline breakpoints, so they might interest you.

And where it all began: