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Which posts inside 1 topic users read mostly?

  1. First post - user can get it by 1 click at navigation bar - it’s OK.
  2. Last posts - user can get it by 1 click at navigation bar - it’s OK.
  3. Best Answers / Canned Reply - if such function display chosen post at the top of topic - it’s OK.
  4. Own posts - to find them user or must scroll and scroll, or must use search and then open each found post at new window one-by-one - it’s NOT OK.
  5. Reply to own posts - to find them user or must scroll and scroll, or must use search and then open each found post at new window one-by-one, or must search for correspond notification and then reopen topic by link - it’s NOT OK.

We see that on users own/reply posts searching - to minimize the users time wasting and to minimize server resources wasting because of unneeded posts loading - current navigation needs some improvements.

I suggest a very simple but very convenient solution:
A) Add to navigation bar top&bottom special fast shortcuts for #4-5 as: at top My prev and Reply prev, at bottom My next and Reply next - by clicking on them users will instantly jump to correspond posts.
B) Also you can add colored marks on navigation bar with in-out symbol and even nickname of respondent like: user reply to “➔ Johny”, user got reply from “🡸 Peter”, or just like conversation with " :speech_balloon: with Kevin". Also it’s possible to add simple icons to display which posts have URL/image/video/file attachment. Or for minimizing you can display arrows my/reply only and display all details on mouse hover.

I’m sure it will be very useful and time&loading saving for most users.

Waiting for your reply and then will post next my improvements suggestions.

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I am sorry but I am not following this suggestion, can you post a visual mockup.

NP. Suppose to save NavigationBar space and lightweight - all reply’s authors names better to display on rollover over each mark or over NavigationBar (this function can be improvement with smart authors names aggregation with arrows later). In-topic search can add the new “SearchResult” mark with correspond Shortcut “Search result prev/next”. "There are can be many different visual variants, but any of them will make NavigationBar MUCH more useful!

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Thank you for the screenshot, that is very helpful.

We have had some similar discussions in the past here: Natural breakpoints or "chapters" for long topics?

I would say that we are likely looking to revamp our timeline control some time in the next year or two, but we do not have work slotted quite yet.


It’s very easy to add a simple shorcuts for My/Reply/SearchResult prev/next. You really can do this for 2-3 days and thus save tons of time and servers resource for those 1-2 years before you will make some “complete revamp”… :\

That your conversation is more similar to my another suggestion, but my suggestion is more comprehensive and completed:

It’s hard to display at 1 Timeline at once all 4 useful types of marks: My posts, Reply posts, Search results, FAQ answers. To do this you will need to add a switcher or display Search results and FAQ answers a little to the side or just display 4 timelines - one for each type of posts.

Yep! I’ve just devise the world best solution for so many marks at 1 timeline without any switchers etc. Message me when you will need it. :wink: