Mark whispers as solutions


We used to be able to mark staff whispers as solutions and I realized today that is no longer possible.

Was this intentionally removed at some point? Could we get it back in there? It’s something we made use of in rare occasions.

Our site had not been updated since sometime in 2018 so a lot of things got changed around after the update.

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Interesting that you like whispered posts to be solved, making them visible. What is your use case? Why not just create a new reply with the answer and make that the solution?

Anyhoo, yes, you have it right. This was reported as a bug and fixed a while back. Take a look at:


ah, that explains it.
For whatever reason whispers marked as solved were not publicly visible… as far as I know… Possible from another plugin that someone put on our site? It’s also possible that no one realized posts were made visible from this :frowning:
We use discourse as a support forum. If a solution contains sensitive customer information but we still want to be able to sort on solved and unsolved topics, this was helpful to have.

Making a ‘bug’ part of the workflow does seem silly to me. I’ve been dealing with finding what all the small ramifications are to this massive update for weeks at this point -_-


You might want to go back and check those topics that had whispers as solutions, maybe also in incognito mode or logged in as non-staff user - not sure if fixing the bug also fixed existing topics.

As you find and learn about updates to the software since your recent update, I suggest you use the :mag: keyword search here on meta - you will find many of your questions have already been answered by others.


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