Markdown and HTML disappears from solution after refresh

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but at the very least it’s an odd inconsistency.

Take the following content as an example:
**one** *two* ~~three~~ <em>four</em> <kbd>five</kbd> <del>six</del> <ruby>seven<rt>eight</rt></ruby> nine<sup>ten</sup>

Which renders as:
one two three four five six seveneight nineten

When you mark a post as the solution, it immediately shows up with markdown and HTML in the first post:

However, after refresh it shows up without markdown or HTML:

If there are no significant downsides, showing the solution with the markdown and HTML in tact would be ideal. This is especially important for ruby, sup, and similar tags that have multiple components, as they look quite strange when the HTML is stripped.