Polls : HTML / Markdown Support?


I have just put a quick poll together to ask a couple of questions. I wanted to provide some detail against each option (a paragraph of text) and thought that this looked a little messy with the text of the option. I popped an html BR tag in to push things down to the next line of text, the preview on the right looked a lot better.

Whilst experimenting I also added div tags and a couple of urls (using the option from the toolbar which inserted the markdown).

When I posted the topic all of the html and markdown got displayed as plain text.

Is there a reason why either html or markdown are not supported within the polls, or, have I tried using them incorrectly in this context. I appreciate that the polls are probably supposed to be fairly lightweight but being able to offer a more rich experience (especially with the links) I would have thought would be beneficial?

Any info received gratefully :slight_smile:


  • Keep polls as they are<br/>
    There is no reason why polls need to be updated at all, they are supposed to be lightweight and your intended use of them is beyond reasonable scope
  • Educate Rob on how to use polls correctly<br/>
    Someone hold him down and we can take it in turns to hit him with a copy of HTML for Dummies, 85th Edition.
  • Upgrade polls to be even more awesome<br/>
    Currently polls do not support html or markdown, but they could and we think this is an awesome idea, thanks for mentioning it :slight_smile:

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  • This is a link
  • This is on
    multiple lines.
  • <div> is not supported in general

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Interesting, it looks OK in preview, but not when posted:


Bookmarked will sort out monday


Exactly @jomaxro, I must admit I wasn’t even sure that I could use any of the html or markdown initially, but as the preview looked awesome I thought “great” :slight_smile:

@sam - oooh, great, thanks - wasn’t if it was supposed to work with the mark up / down or not but guessing it is, so a fix would be really welcomed - thank you :slight_smile:

I am also relieved I will not be bashed with a copy of HTML for Dummies :wink:


OK, great catch fixed per:


I will get this fix deployed on standard / business tier later today.


Fantastic! Thanks @sam, really appreciated :slight_smile:


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