Markdown Inline vs Block Rules

Is it possible to have the same tag be recognized by both an inline rule and a block rule?
I’ve been building some bbcode rules and having the tag on the same line as text is very common on our board, making an inline rule better, but at the same time there are often line breaks in the middle of a big block of text, which tends to break the inline rule.

Is there an easy way to reconcile this in the rules engine or is this a bad idea and we should instead look at restructuring posts to fit the tag formatting?

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Most importers fix up those tags adding newlines as needed.


People like to use several bbcode together, often nesting them on our board to make really complex effects.

Here are some examples:

They are all very basic and very safe HTML replacements, we got a good chunk of them working until we realized that tags had to be on their line if we wanted to use block rules. We are still missing a few like letting users use any google font with [font=gfontname] and accordions and tabs, but we’ve been getting teething issues out of the way little by little. I’ve sent you a PM about this on your site.

We are definitely discussing fixing the tags via import (we are already turning some of them into the equvilient of markdown) but we might just live with letting users go back and fix old posts as well. There has to be a limit to everything I think.