Marketing Features / Guide for Marketers

I’m a bit of the odd man here since I’m a marketer. I’ve been using Discourse here and at Ubuntu to gain experience with the features. I am quite excited that this is open source as it should leave the door open for more cool features for marketers in the future.

Is there a central document or place with information that would be of interest to marketers?

Many of the topics have been addressed, but it’s dispersed:

  • google analytics and other analytics integration. Is this the strategy to provide web analytics?
  • SEO analytics
  • usage analytics, per topic, per person, per time, different slices of the data
  • referral traffic to other sites
  • incoming referral traffic
  • auto highlighting of hot topic of the week, most active person
  • marketing box highlight for top “thing” such as a cool hardware hack that a member submitted
  • survey, voting plugins
  • social media distribution plugins

In the past year, the community groups have been placed under digital marketing at many corporations. This is a superset of social media, community relations, and digital.

Another source of budget to fund community development appears to be the product marketing groups.

An interesting twist is that since product marketing at tech companies is becoming more technical, the product marketing groups are starting to report into engineering, which is often closer to product development.

Well, my main point is that it would be great to have a stream of input from corporate marketers about the feature set so that it can be taken into consideration in the early development of Discourse.

If this type of central document for marketers doesn’t exist, maybe we can use this forum to create one? It would help me to get more practice with the software.


Thanks for opening this discussion. I’m interested in the same things. Is there something like a “data analytics” backend planned?

I’m working in a communications agency and we consult different clients in the healthcare industry. Discourse could be a great enabler of “disease specific” conversations. For us it would be really useful to get Data Insights - i.e.: most heavily discussed topics, most active users etc. etc.

Well, you can export the Postgres database at any time from the /admin web interface, and then perform whatever kind of SQL gymnastics you want to on it.

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Thanks for that quick reply.

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I think that people that work at communications agencies will be big users of Discourse in the future.  They're the ones that see the problem.
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