Markup bypasses lower character limit

(Mikulas Dite) #1

Both title and body can be artificially extended by appending <div></div>. Character entropy is still enforced properly though, after the markup has been removed from title.

This might be seens as a power user feature and frankly I quite like it, but it seems like a bug nevertheless.

Proof of concept (following post):

(Mikulas Dite) #2


(Kane York) #3

Personally, I wouldn’t bother fixing this until some kind of incident happens - someone using it to be obnoxious. The fix might be pretty involved, and it has questionable benefit – what are we really trying to discourage here? The wrong thing is already hard - you have to consciously put the effort into submitting a post that’s under the character count.

Also – I’m using – too many dashes.

(Mikulas Dite) #4

Right, right, that pretty much articulates what I thought. I’m happy this „feature“ is to stay for the time being, but I thought I would bring this up in case somebody deems it terribly insecure.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

This “bug” has been open on Stack Overflow forever, too. Not a bug, that’s just the way it works. Always some way to get around it.

The real solution is that people who keep doing this get banned :smiley:

(Johan Jatko) #6