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Install this theme component

This theme component will add a marquee (news ticker) above header bar. Can be used as an alternative to pinning topic as banner.

This is adapted from @carson’s awesome www-theme.

Options configurable:

  • visibility to non-logged-in users
  • marquee text speed
  • marquee list(support html)
  • below/above header bar

Thank you immensely for this theme component! It is far superior to a mere standalone message, and will undoubtedly capture the attention of individuals on the forum through its messages!


I was wondering if you could add an option to have it either above or below site header? This is quite cool


OK, this is a commit to add this feature:

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You assert that this is supported; I presume a hyperlink must be created for this purpose, correct?

Yes, I think you can use sth like:

<a href="https://xxx/">XXX</a> 

Thank you. That was very speedy.

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Outstanding performance; I can affirm that this has indeed achieved the desired effect!