Math rendering on FAQ page

I just started a discourse forum (I’m keeping it private for now), and I noticed that math is not rendering in the FAQ page. When I go to the system post that the FAQ page pulls from, it renders fine, but when I go to, it doesn’t.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to go to submit a bug report, but here it is.

We don’t run post decoration on those pages, as they are meant as mostly static documentation, so AFAIK this is working as expected.


OK, is there a way I can work around that? I’m running a math-focused site, and I’d like to have math in the FAQ!

Images and screenshots, that’s it.

But keep that FAQ only for meta topics, what is that forum after all.

Use ordinary topics at a one category (or use tags) for faqs of math and how things can be done on forum.

Math is meta discussion :stuck_out_tongue:

But OK, I don’t really understand the design decision of not supporting all the normal post formatting in the FAQ, but I guess it’s something I won’t worry about.

Perhaps one reason is those aren’t normal posts in the context of forum topics and posts.

I think it’s eazy to create a theme-component to render math in any page using KaTeX.

Propably. But why? Linking those faq-publications is pain in the somewhere and having two different type locations with different type functionality is mess for users AND admins. Discourse is purpose made for such content and if discussion is the issue — limiting that is trivial.

Plus the most important part: such static pages lost tagging.