Matrix protocol for chat

In next months we will try to move our Discord (˜1k members with ˜400 to be pruned) to Discourse Chat (˜1500 users, with 90 days of inactivity prune selected) and Matrix could be a must for us, but easy migration first.

I hope that could be possible from base, it could be really great for Discourse and free discussions around the world.

Private data always matters.


In our community we chose matrix to be the main chat platform because of its awesome Bridges for Telegram, Discord, Facebook, and many other platforms.

If discourse chat can just integrate with matrix, it would be enough, as all other bridging is then handled by Matrix.
It doesn’t need to be a whole home server(though that would great!), just a complete bridge or integration would be enough.


Note that matrix has serious security issues recently disclosed:

I do not thing Discourse chat attempts end-to-end encryption, so some of the things are moot. More coverage here: Serious vulnerabilities in Matrix’s end-to-end encryption have been patched | Ars Technica

Anyway, my basic point still stands…


We have started working on federating with Matrix via the Application Service API. No hard dates, but we are exploring making this a thing.


That’s awesome! Thank you for taking this crazy idea seriously. :slight_smile:


This sounds super exciting for us on the Matrix side too, the more folks on the federation the better!

I’d definitely recommend giving Gitter now speaks Matrix! | a read for inspiration of how Gitter did the precisely the same thing, if you need any guidance.

Other than that, I do bridges for as a full-time role, so feel free to poke me if you need any help at any point!


We have modeled our approach over the one at Gitter now speaks Matrix! | and Welcoming Rocket.Chat to Matrix! | indeed!

Our first step will be extending what the Matrix Ruby SDK can do, and then move on from that.

That’s awesome, we will reach out for sure!


OK i’m starting to see why people like Matrix :+1: :


With the 3.0 release shipping Chat integration, is there any update on the Matrix integration? Is that still on the roadmap? Was chat implemented with Matrix in mind or is that still at the design / idea stage?



We have a proof of concept up, so we know it’s doable. But since it’s not a priority, it’s progressing slowly.


@dan perhaps you can do a quick post here of where stuff is at? Maybe even just having the rough code out there would help others get a good understanding.


I released the code on GitHub, but I would say this is alpha-level quality right now. A lot of things work, but the plugin is lacking documentation and there are some more patches (such as this one) required for Discourse to make it work.

What has been implemented so far:

  • Homeserver discovery – works :white_check_mark:
  • Channels – works :white_check_mark:
  • Group Chats – works :white_check_mark:
  • Direct Chats – works :white_check_mark:
  • Edits – works :white_check_mark:
  • Deletions – works :white_check_mark:
  • Uploads – scheduled next
  • Presence/typing notifications and read receipts – scheduled next (if possible)
  • Reactions – works :white_check_mark:
  • Replies – works :white_check_mark:
  • Text messages (plain and formatted, emojis) – works :white_check_mark:

There will be a more formal topic that announces the plugin when it reaches beta quality. Thank you for your interest in this plugin!

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Great job, but this message will get lost here. You need to create a separate theme for this plugin

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What do you mean by theme? (Did you mean top type topic?)

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@volanar I think you missed the point of what Dan said:

He’s perfectly competent to start a new thread when he wants that level of exposure. :smiling_face:


Maybe a silly question, but with this integration, will it provide e2ee encryption on Discourse? Or would it be simply copying what’s on Discourse and pushing it to Matrix, so that an admin on Discourse would still have access to all of the plain-text messages sent in chats?

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This is super exciting. I noticed the linked pull request was completed, but no doubt it is a massive project. Curious about how Matrix chat support is going, and stoked for it.


It looks like this may have died but I wanted to respond to the thread and check in and let you all know there is at least one person still periodically checking in on this :slight_smile: