Matrix protocol for chat

I know this is far beyond MVP, but it’s also something that’d be nice to think about early. Discourse currently has rudimentary Matrix integration in the discourse-chat-integration plugin, but it’d be amazing if the Discourse rooms were Matrix rooms and users associated with matrix accounts.

Then, rather than a bridge, we could just alias (our existing matrix main channel) to (theoretical Discourse chat room). This would be more seamless than a bridge, and, crucially, I wouldn’t have yet another instant message platform.

And, while I’m happy with Element, I wouldn’t mind having another vendor for Matrix services!


I can definitely see the appeal here! However, one of the main things that Discourse Chat brings to the table is integration between the ‘slow lane’ (topics) and the ‘fast lane’ (chat). If people were using non-discourse Matrix clients to access the fast-lane, would they be less inclined to switch to the slow-lane? :thinking:


Maybe not… but on the other hand… more likely than in the alternative scenario, which is: we have the slow lane at (discourse) and the fast lane at a whole different place (matrix). At least this way they’re closer.

And, at least the Element client understands things like markdown (Including hyperlinks), so cross-connecting at least in web-capable clients wouldn’t be so bad.