Max image width setting cropping Youtube previews

Lately on our forum, all the embedded Youtube videos show with only half of the image preview within the video box, like so:

This seems to be related to the max image width setting (which we have set to 340px), as the behavior goes away when we remove that value. I didn’t expect this setting to impact videos though… Is this a bug, perhaps?


FWIW, I think the max image width shouldn’t apply for video (even if technically the preview is done with an image thumbnail). As is it it makes videos look a little broken due to the cropped preview.

As opposed to:

One idea would be to have a separate setting for max video width that applies to videos+thumbnails. Another possibility would be to respect the image max width on the thumbnail, but expand the video object on play. These are only suggestions — I don’t know how complex either of these ideas are to implement.