Member tags

Sorry people but I didn’t find any discussion similar to this.
Generally, I like to mention people in specific topics based on their skills.
Having a list of people filtered on tags would be awesome but I have been looking for it in Discourse for a long time.
Yesterday I found what I needed on, do you have any plan to add something similar to Discourse?

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Don’t groups solve this? You create groups for each “skill”, make em all available for anyone to join, and you can mention the skill groups in posts.


I already use “groups” but it’s not as flexible as tags… I need something easier to managed.
I have two communities con discourse and one on circle, and I assure you that this feature is super powerful as a community tactic, in order to keep people involved.

Can you expand on that? What feature you need from member tags that isn’t accomplished by groups on Discourse?

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  • I can’t create everytime a new group, as for now I have +50 different tags
  • I have to fill out too much fields and set 3-4 different permissions, for example hide the group and disable interactions
  • I can’t filter such groups and see only them, they’re “buried” in the group page

The tag system for topics applied to users would be more flexible from my point of view.

Are you trying to say that you wish grouping users was easier, wishing there was a more lightweight way of creating groups and assigning group membership direct from a users page?

Sorry for the late response. Yes I’d like to find a easy way to group members and maybe separated from the standard groups. This is why tags looks like a easier approach

I was sure that we spoke about this in the past