Memberful opinions?

Looking for opinions from people who have experience using membership plugins or sass solutions as Memberful. There are good alternatives as Paid Membership Pro to AccesAlly. Looking to build a membership site with Wordpress with Discourse as community forum. The price of Memberful is kind of steep even more that we would like to add group subscriptions, Paid Membership Pro and AccessAlly have this solution but no easy integration with Discourse or Discord.

Any recommendations?

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When I moved my community from phpBB to Discourse, WordPress was the only reasonable option for managing paid memberships and allowing members to access a library of files. Now, both of those functions can be handled by Discourse with fewer moving parts.

I started out with Paid Memberships Pro and then switched to WooCommerce Subscriptions, but with Discourse Subscriptions and Discourse Docs being mature now, I’ll be moving the membership management to Discourse Subscriptions.


I recommend using the Discourse Subscriptions plugin. Unless you have a bunch of other reasons to use WordPress and memberful, I’d stay away.


Any reasons you moved to WooCommerce Subscriptions?

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So do you suggest building all the membership site around Discourse and Discourse Subscriptions?


I added a WooCommerce store, so it simplified things a bit, plus there were little annoyances with PMPro the details of which I’ve forgotten by now.

If the forum is the center of your community, like it is for mine, using Discourse Subscriptions is the way to go.