Discourse Memberful integration

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

Memberful is a popular service for paid user subscriptions. They have an official plugin for WordPress as well as for Discourse:


Payment option plugin
Subscription Module Integration
WP integrate with Discourse and WP paid subscription plugin?
(Zaino) #2

Curious if anyone has used the Memberful plugin and what your feedback is? I have a community in WP and looking to add Discourse with the option of creating paid membership tiers.

(Craig) #3

I’m curious what decision you made here. I’ve just started to look into this for my own forum.

(Zaino) #4

Still considering this. I anticipate spending a bit more time looking at it in the next week or so. I imagine I will have more questions or insights then and will share.

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(David Kingham) #5

I’ve been using it to manage about 700 paying members and it has worked very well. Let me know if you have any specific questions, if you plan to do a trial period, a free tier or have lifetime members I have some learning I can share. I only wish the reporting was improved so I could see how much income I have coming over the next year, it’s somewhat of a surprise each week when I get the report of what I’ve made.

(Casey) #6

Memberful seems like the easiest payment gateway with Stripe, but I am leaning towards Membermouse due to the 1-click upsell functionality.

Can you share what you’ve done for lifetime members, David?

(Krischan) #7

Would love to hear what you learnt @davidkingham too…

(David Kingham) #8

I have the following plans set up in Memberful:

  • Free (can only access one area of our forum)
  • 30 day trial (can access everything except our member discount section)
  • Full Membership - Monthly
  • Full Membership - Yearly
  • Full Membership - 3 Years
  • Lifetime

Memberful has the option to purchase a lifetime subscription, but I don’t offer this option. The lifetime members I have are grandfathered in from an older version of the site which I added manually.

Each memberful plan can have a discourse group tied to it, which allows me to limit access to areas of the discourse site based upon which plan they are on. For example, this area of the site is only accessible to paying members or those on the 30 day trial, but not to paying members. I use the Category Lockdown plugin for this in addition to the discourse category security, here is what this category looks like:

I also have this integrated with ConvertKit for sending out emails when a member signs up, or 20 days into the 30 day trial if they have not signed up yet to try and upsell them, which takes them to this page where they will be asked to put in their CC info and viola they are upgraded and everything syncs with discourse. The key to this is the trial plan has to be cheaper than the other plans, so I have the trial set to $4.98/month, whereas the actual monthly is 4.99/month, so far it hasn’t confused anyone.

Overall I have been very happy with memberful, it’s pretty flexible and works smoothly. The customer support is exceptional, they have really bent over backward to help me even when I have made stupid mistakes and they had move members around on the backend.

The only negatives have been the cost, of course, $25/month is cheap, but the 4.9% fee is pretty crazy as I’m already paying about $100/month and I hope to grow the site quite a bit more. Their reporting is not exceptional right now, it’s okay but I would like to see more of the features that membermouse has along with some forecasting so I know how much money will be coming in next month.

Since I’m not a programmer and wouldn’t know how to fix the integrations with membermouse when they go awry, I will probably stick with memberful since they handle all the integration beautifully. As the site grows I may look into these other options as cost start to balloon with memberful. Hope this helps, happy to help with other questions!

(Casey) #9

Thanks for the detailed reply. Memberful’s fees are bogus for sure. But better than some of the other membership plugins devs have made for Discourse (I saw one that was 7%! :expressionless:).

I want to pay a monthly fee for a tool, not a monthly fee plus a percentage of revenue.