Memberpress membership sync with discourse groups?

Hey guys !

I have a question that will probably not be as clear as I would like it to be but anyways.

So here’s the scenario : I use wordpress with memberpress and discourse. I also use the SSO (Wordpress is the provider, Discourse the client).

I would like to know if it’s possible to do this :

User registers as a vip member, so he’s in the “vip member” membership. This membership has a trust level of 3 on the Discourse. Can I link these two together so the trust level is automatically given AND he’s in the “vip” group on Discourse ?

To recap : I register on Wordpress, I get a VIP membership there and when I connect to Discourse through SSO I automatically get lvl 3 trust and I’m put in the VIP group.

Would it be possible ? If so, how ?

Thanks a lot, have a great day !

Yes, I believe you can do this. On the Discourse side you need to set the group to automatically give members the trust level you want them to have.

Then check this topic for setting up syncing group members between Memberpress and Discourse: