Wordpress SSO - Restrict Content / user levels / groups

(Tom O'brien) #1

I have WP discourse working for SSO and Restrict Content Pro for subscription, signup, but I am wondering how to set up levels during signup … That carry over to discourse?

Eg reader level 1, contributor level 2, moderator, level 3

So Signup through Wordpress, and level affects group in Discourse?

(Simon Cossar) #2

Are you committed to using Restricted Content Pro? There are quite a few different WordPress membership plugins. My plan is to make a general wp-discourse-groups plugin that will work for most of them, but at the moment I’m making a plugin specifically for the WishList Member plugin. When it’s finished, I think it will do everything that you are looking for.

(Tom O'brien) #3

Thats great! I am opening to using any of them. Keep us posted! : )

(Tom O'brien) #4

Is there no way to do this with current WP Discourse setup?

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

I’ve written code for some WordPress subscription manager that used API calls to manage groups on WordPress. It shouldn’t be hard to set up WordPress groups that whatever group manager you uses could connect to.