Members problem on importing Mybb to Discourse

Import script can not do that? I am not developer, so write a function is a problem for me.

I’ve one more question. If i will backup Mybb database again and import my development enviroment, it will work? There are new content in my forum, so i must do that, if it will doesnt work, i will do it again all over.

No. The suspend_users function just prints “banned users are not implemented”. If your want the script to deal appropriately with banned users you are not a developer, you will need to hire one. You can post in #marketplace with the specifics of what you need, preferably with your budget for the job.

The script is designed to skip already imported data, so that you can re-run the script and it will add only the users and posts that have not already imported. This makes it much faster to run that partial import, but any changes to posts already imported will be ignored.

Thank you for answer. I will hire one.

I wonder import script should redirect old urls to new? If not, i must hire developer for that too :slight_smile:

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As if turns out, I just added permalink redirects!

Edit: and I made a change since my last pull request was committed. I’ll try to get that submitted Real Soon Now.


Import script should import users passwords? User can’t login accounts.

You can check out Migrated password hashes support

But, really, your users probably have bad passwords and should change them anyway.