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I’m moving my membership from Wishlist to LifterLMS and wondering if the module assigning levels and courses could work? Has anyone tried it?

@simon you had worked on my Wishlist member integration. Is it possible to use LifterLMS to handle the membership to groups in the same way? And my apologies if I asked this already. I’m just getting back into my community website flow.

This should be possible, but it will require a WordPress developer to set it up. If you find someone to work on this, the Managing Discourse group membership with WP Discourse SSO topic gives details about how add and remove WordPress users to Discourse groups. That topic assumes that you are logging users into Discourse with SSO from WordPress.


Hello @anon29908737. I am a Discourse Developer and I have worked with WordPress Plugins professionally for a good amount of time. I have experience with LearnDash LMS which is a popular WordPress LMS.

I need some time to look at WP Discourse and LifterLMS, but I can surely help you with this.

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Thank you for the answer and the link, Simon!

I look forward to hearing back from you about what this would take. Lea-Ann

I’ll phase out what I understand regarding your requirement.

You had Wishlist Member plugin in place to restrict access to your course content based on membership levels.

Now you’re moving to LifterLMS so you will have groups and the user will get access to the content based on what group they’re enrolled in.

Then, they should also get enrolled with your discourse based forum once they enroll into the group

If thats what it is, I’ll need to tweak the code developed previously to enroll the users to the forum to make it work with LifterLMS.

It would be a membership level or course in lifterLMS has automatic access to a closed or secret forum in discourse. I think the wishlist member plugin put them in a group.

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I am sorry I dozed off as I am from GMT+5:30 timezone. I understand the requirements, and I am assuming that courses and Groups in LifterLMS have already been set up.

I also realized that the previous memberships would have to be converted to LifterLMS style memberships.

Hello @anon29908737. I had already sent you a PM a the other day. Please do check it once you get time.

I’ll be away from my computer until mid-August. Will touch base with you after.

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Sure. Do reach out once you get back at it. :slight_smile:

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