Merged topic doesn't redirect

I’ve merged this topic into this other topic.

The merge worked nicely.

I expected that when I open the old link, it would redirect me to the new location, but that doesn’t happen. When I open it anonymous, I shows “Page not found”. When I open it with my account, it shows me the old closed/deleted post.

This is the link that doesn’t redirect:

This is surprising, I think it is a bug. Am I missing something, here?

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It is non-intuitive, but there is a reason! :slight_smile:

We use a soft-delete system in Discourse, so admins are able to go back and see deleted topics, including the ability to restore them. The result: admins can see a deleted topic, everyone else sees a “page not found”.

There is a way to setup a redirect, manually, by visiting /admin/customize/permalinks and adding a redirect from the topic path to a topic ID:

Having a setting that automatically create redirects when merging topics sounds like a nice #feature request. :slight_smile:


Thanks! This makes sense, but I still cannot make it work.

I’ve set up a redirect from t/devcon-bogota-pbs-developer-roundtable-summary/633 to topic id 438. The behavior is the same, when I go to as admin I get to the moved topic, and when I do it anonymous I get page not found.

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Nothing comes to mind on why the permalink would operate that way… let’s see. Did you move the topic t/devcon-bogota-pbs-developer-roundtable-summary/633 into a category that is not public?

It seems permalinks don’t work for internal links?