Redirect Article- possible?


we are using Discourse as KnowledgeBase. As articles evolve we frequently merge some tickets. But obviously links from other articles exists to both articles.

Is there a way to redirect from one article to another?

I mean, yes of course I can simply create the link as content of the old ticket linking to the new one but I am thinking of an autmated redirect (invisble for users)

Is it possible?


Hi! check out your admin page at yoursite/admin/customize/permalinks

It should do just what you want (we love it)


Did we clarify the UI here @techAPJ so people don’t think this can be used to redirect one Discourse topic to another?

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# Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Were you not logged in? Or are you not an admin on the site?

We didn’t. Added on my list to do so. :memo:


Ok guys,

got it so far. I am on the page you told me. But looks like I am too dumb to use it.
Again, I have an thread with the following URL:

It has outdated content on it and I want it to link to a newer thread with URL:

So I enterd in the admin’s permalink site on the left the first URl from above and entered the thread-ID of 11345 in the second field.

Trying to access the URL still shows old contend. Tried with a second browser where I am not logged in and did a “Reload” as well. Still old content.

Any ideas?


Did I get it right now? I can not use this feature to redirect from “inside” Discourse? Well, this explains why it is not working.

In this case back to my original question:

I have a topic which is outdated. I need to replace. I have a new article which replaces the old one. There are several links in the forum to the old article. I want these (internal) links now to point to the new article.

Is this possible?

Note: Yes, I can edit the old thread and just place a link to the new one there… but that’s not really nice…

Thanks again!


Then you should probably use Replace a string in all posts to change those links.

But then the old article can still be accessed by people who use their local browser bookmarks.

Still, not a really usable solution.

Further ideas?
Honestly, I am surprise this appearing to be so complicated. Am I really the only one needing such thing?



Done via:



ok, you fixed the description, right? So no one should complain any further about permalinks not working on internal links.

But the issue is still unresolved, with this change, right?

So there is no way to replace an existing article by a new one?



Just edit and replace the text?

I’m hijacking the thread because I want to do the exact same thing. Also I’m sure knebb will not get angry as I follow up his original plan (in the same company)

So from my understanding the permalinks should do the redirection from

but it does not. I want to transfer the browser call of the first URL to the second one. No internal links direct access to the article.
Like knebb I’m a little bit confused, that this simple redirection is not asked often and apparently not possible.

Thanks for any hint to solve this task. DirkS

Found the solution. We need to delete the duplicate (in my example old-thread-title/6418) and use permalinks. Then admins will not realize the redirection as admins will also see deleted topics. For our normal users the redirection is working.

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