Meta Description for different pages

Hi Discourse Team,

I’m reaching you because we have noticed some duplicate meta descriptions on our community website, since we used the “site description” field in the settings.

I would like to know if it’s possible and how to have a different meta description for each page of our website :

  • .com/about
  • .com/categories
  • .com/privacy
  • etc.

Many thanks,

I believe something similar has already been discussed here


@Dax Thank you for your answer.

The title tag is fine. But, we need to have different meta descriptions for :

  • categories
  • guidelines
  • privacy
  • etc.
    Somehow, our meta description is the same for all pages. Do you know why ? and how to fix it ?

Many thanks.

It is possible to overwrite meta title for categories from /admin/customize/site_texts, searching for js.filters.with_category, while the category description can be edited in the About topic of the category.

Instead to change the meta titles and descriptions for the static pages I guess you’ll have to write a plugin.


I’m really surprised this isn’t possible yet. Meta descriptions are crucial for SEO and this has been common knowledge for like 20 years lol.

I have the latest version of Discourse and all the static pages (FAQ, Privacy, etc) have the default Site Description for “meta description” in Google. That’s just bad! Why aren’t more people complaining about this?

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Maybe nobody is complaining because it is a very minor issue, if an issue at all?

+1 to that, meta descriptions is used in link sharing and are crucial for engagement too.