Feature Request: Enable separate <title> for start page and the rest of the pages

Hey there,

we’re currently migrating a huge forum to Discourse and I realized that there is only one single “Title” that I can set. This title will both

  • be the actual, SEO relevant <title> of the start page and
  • be added to any category and thread <title>

For SEO purposes, the <title> of every page should be as descriptive as possible and should therefore contain the most relevant keywords.
So for better rankings, the title of the homepage should contain SEO-relevant keywords. Like “Blabla Forum - the best advise around cats and cooking”.
However, this will be automatically added to thread titles as well, so the result is for example an ugly looking, much too long “How do I best cook a young black cat, given that I am not yet experienced? - Blabla Forum - the best advise around cats and cooking”.

You see the point?

It would therefore be awesome, if we would be able to have separate settings for the homepage title and a string that will be added to the titles of the rest of the forum.


I like this suggestion!

On meta our home page title is: “Discourse Meta” and our site description is “Discussion about the next-generation open source Discourse forum software”

I think it is reasonable to amend it so our home page title is “title” + “some other string”

At the moment when searching for meta Discourse you get:

I think it would be cool if it said:

Discourse Meta - Official community support forum

There is lots of precedent here, for example Stack Overflow has:

@codinghorror what are your thoughts on adding “short site description” site setting? Description is too long here, its like we need a “short description”

I think this has lots of impact on the way your site shows up in Google and noticed it a lot over the years.


Probably OK but wizard must be amended to fully support it on day zero.


New site setting short site description has been added for this purpose. It is going to be appended to the site title on home page like this: Site Title - Short Site Description



I just set it up here :blush:

Looks like it is mostly working, but we are still fighting with JavaScript a bit, cause when I visit https://meta.discourse.org I see it, but then it flashes away.


@maja can you spend say 10-20 minutes seeing if you can get rid of the “flash” where the title changes when you visit meta.discourse.org (hit reload)

If it is looking too messy just feel free to close this, cause the core request works properly:


Fixed in https://github.com/discourse/discourse/commit/77af097ce094331251ff6ed26f84c5ff32304055