Meta should use worldwide defaults

Just the other day, actually today, I was reading

When the thought occurred to me that later that should use the 100% vanilla version of Discourse that is distributed worldwide, with no tweaks.


If Discourse is so wonderful, then you shouldn’t need to change it, or if you do change it, change it for everybody worldwide.

One can say “See what happened,” without needing to go to a different vanilla test machine to show what happened…

I don’t agree. No two communities are identical or have the same needs. There is a tonne of tooling that we don’t use here on Meta because it’s not necessary for our use case and on the flip side, there are things that we do need that other’s don’t. That’s the beauty of Discourse - flexibility.


Agreed. Though I might be mistaken. Couldn’t a user load theme creator without a previewed theme to see default vanilla discourse?

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I think then you will see the special theme creator theme. But you can choose “default” in the sidebar theme toggle or your interface settings here at meta, or you create a new theme at theme creator and preview it without any changes.

@jidanni the change from “defer” to “mark unread” is is global change. You just have to wait for the next update of other Discourse forums.


You are can take the (meta) Grey Amber theme from my cold dead hands!