Powered by Discourse link now enabled by default

We believe that having more Discourse sites in the wild is a positive for end-users, for the ecosystem around Discourse, and for the internet as a whole. To that end, we’ve been working on initiatives like Discourse Discover and the Powered by Discourse badge.

In the latest version of Discourse, this ‘Powered by Discourse’ badge will be enabled by default, and will link users to the discourse.org/about landing page.

This page aims to provide useful info for forum users, promote the open-source project (including Meta), and give pointers to hosting services provided by discourse.org and our partners.

Forum admins are free to disable this ‘Powered by Discourse’ badge at any time by disabling the ‘enable powered by discourse’ site setting.


I"m curious, did you change the default because you observed early-adopters toggling the “powered by Discourse” button or some other concern?


I believe it would be because of the discussion in, ex, this topic:


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Is there a localized version of the

If not, how can we help to get a localized version for DE, FR, ES and other languages …


Thank you very much for making this optional.
I value the work of Discourse programmers and the community as a whole. But in my use case, on a forum for patients and fellows in a certain disability - the whole forum is put on private viewing only, - and I don’t see the relevance for this particular group of people, or for them to come up with questions that concern Discourse as a whole, instead of our specific community.
Thanks again, very much appreciated. I have turned it off now.