Meta Topic and My Posts under Community seem mixed up in Safari on iOS (ipad)

on Meta, the Topics and My Posts under Community in the navigation menu seem mixed up and i think those links need to be fixed or switched. iOS Safari desktop


go to latest or main category page. tap My Posts. tap Topics, etc.


FWIW, they seem to work fine for me


yea they seem ok in chrome windows desktop. i was having the issue all day with them on my ipad.

you can also see in the video that i had to tap more than couple times to get the links to work. at one point i tapped the logo and it went to one of my own custom links when i had the community section collapsed.

I can repro on my ipad (and Chrome in mobile/touch mode). I’ll investigate a bit :slight_smile:

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It seems this line overrides the .active class highlight of the current section:

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this is still happening regularly on Meta for me. i can’t seem to repro on my site though. i suspect it is because i have navigation menu sidebar mods in place for the community section.

I think this one is no longer applicable now we don’t have a ‘My Posts’ link?

I’ll close it off, but give me a ping if it’s still a thing. :slight_smile: