Middle-click on "Users" admin panel fails

Steps to reproduce:

  • In Firefox, go to the admin panel and middle-click on “Users”

Actual behavior:
I get a page saying “The requested page does not exist, or it is private” (roughly translated from German). The URL of that page is https://DOMAIN/admin/users/list.

Expected behavior:
It should open the same page as it does when I left-click. The URL of this page is https://DOMAIN/admin/users/list/active.


I can reproduce this on @cpradio’s sandbox, which is running Discourse 1.5.0.beta11. However, it works as expected on our instance, which is still on Discourse 1.5.0.beta6.

(Firefox 44.0.2 on Ubuntu Gnome 15.10.)

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FYI, I made a PR for this