Migrate a forum from vBulletin and other tasks

What would you like done? Migrate a vb4 forum to Discourse, including attachments and bbcode, set up a 2nd Discourse instance on a single server, modify or create a theme that looks more like vBulletin or Xenforo or like other “vintage” forums.

When do you need it done? No hurry

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task? Let’s talk.

I can help with that.

Please fill out Migrate to Discourse Discussion Platform from your current formum software. and I’ll be in touch.

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Ok. Done.
The import isn’t that hard, I’ve done one before. It’s figuring out how to set up 2 discourse instances on one server and creating a better template that are bigger problems.

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Project delayed for a bit. Thank you to everyone that replied!

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