Migrate from flarum to discourse

any way to migrate from flarum to discourse?

Not sure what exactly that is, do you have any examples for this software (requirements, language, setup, etc.)?

How does it store its data? Is there an API where you might pull data from?

What are the migration requirements of yours, i.e. “everything”, or portions of content, users, etc.

I don’t see an importer for it. You could use one of the existing importers as a model. I do imports and answer some basic questions about how they work here: Discourse Migration – Literate Computing, LLC

mainly im focused on discussion db and user avatars

flarum is not listed in this, and it have diff api from these

@Pranav_Jadhav1 is it OK if I ask what are the main reasons you’re migrating to Discourse? What are the main issues you’re seeing with Flarum, and/or what are the things you like about Discourse?

(I’ve been reading fairly much about both Flarum and Discourse and like both of them, and I’m curious about your perspective, … since apparently you have fairly much experience with Flarum, and made this decision.)

(I don’t know how to migrate.)

Im actually happy with flarum, much smooth and cool ui .Just doubt abt its stability, once i start gaining traffic how will it impact, so just for safety im being prepared to migrate it to discourse


Ok thanks for explaining :- )

@Pranav_Jadhav1 Did you find a solution? I’m facing the same problem right now…