Switching from default WP comments to Discourse WP plugin

Hey Guys,

I was about to switch from WP native comments to Discourse but had couple of questions.

What would happen to existing comments? Will they be available on the individual posts?

I have like 100+ comments on some of my old articles and I’m sure they add a lot of value to those pages from an SEO perspective. Just making sure I don’t lose them after the switch.

Can someone confirm it please?

The old comments stay in place as-is, only new WP blog entries would be affected.


@codinghorror, is it possible to import existing WP posts and comments into Discourse as topics and replies? So in the result to have a duplicate.

Background. WP site is full of old posts and comments. Existing Discourse forums have new topics.


+1 for this. Is it possible to migrate all existing comments on posts to discourse?