Migrate from Vanilla (hosted) to Discourse

I have a hosted site in Vanilla and want to migrate to Discourse. I cannot install : Vanilla Porter because the site is hosted with Vanilla.
I requested a backup file of the data from Vanilla support and received a SQL file.
I’m trying to find some documentation on how to import this into Discourse. I have followed a similar thread here https://meta.discourse.org/t/setting-up-discourse-import-migration-environment-on-digitalocean-droplet/88252
But it is not working for me - I get an error when executing the import_vanilla.sh script:
ERROR 1071 (42000) at line 980: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes

Any suggestions?

I have no idea where there is a import_vanilla.sh. Did you have a look at How to migrate from Vanilla to Discourse! , oh, but you want to run the vanilla_mysql.rb script.

But maybe that script is failing trying to import the database into mysql?

I’d have a look at the various import script topics. They are all pretty much the same except running the script (and a few details about how to configure it to find your database). Find one that makes sense to you, works from inside a production container (it’s usually easier than getting development configured, but it’s still tricky, as you need to add some stuff to the container), and work from there.

I checked all the links I could find about this topic, but could not see any example using the SQL file or script. Where do I place this script and how do I call it?

Sorry. That was my best free answer. If you have a budget, you can fill out my form here and I can try to get you a solution that fits you budget (perhaps just set up mysql, import the database, and see that the script will start). You should be able to find some examples elsewhere that tell you how to create a database in mysql and import the data (something like mysql my-database < database-dump.sql). But there are a dozen tiny pieces that are specific to your situation and instructions that make sense to a novice are hard to write.