Migrate from VPS to a Dedicated

Hey guys,

Is there a tool or some means to migrate current running Discourse on vps server to another slightly larger dedicated one??

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Thanks Richard,

I’ll look into it as soon as got spare time :smiley:

Before I settle, I’d like to know if it is possible to run another 1 or 2 Discourses in my shinny new server??

I could redo the one I have hosted on my VPS from scratch if this was the easy way you’ve mentioned above, I guess :wolf:

Thanks again for the awesomeness you guys have :handshake:

Thanks Richard for your prompt reply.

OK, ma-man, can I host 2 Discourses to be persist on my server with 2 different domains and 2 whole separate communities but they’re happen to be hosted on one 500GB server?? I mean would this conflict with NGINX, SSLs and you name it…?

PS. There is plenty of room to host 2 dockers and other necessary plugin and etc requirement. I’m only wondering before getting to it and wasting time and making topics for you admins and SysOPs to tell us whether it is or not :walking_man:

If you go for a multisite setup you will only have a single docker container running.

Awesome :+1:

I’m only worried if I need to adjust NGINX and/ or other Discourse running on programs!

There has to be some adjustments and if someone can point me to the related subject on these, I’d really appreciated it.

I’m still new to discourse especially and it bumped me when installing it but won the fight and got it running and since then I’m falling in love with the massive work put in by the founder(s), admin(s), sysop(s) and other contributors to make it as good as it can be :clap:

From better to best :love_you_gesture:

EDIT :: a few hours of head-wrecking :yawning_face: found my answer, I think :wheel:

Cheerio :zzz:

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Please do share your discovered answers!

Standby bro. I will share everything after getting things sorted out :person_fencing:

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