Two Discourse communities on the same VPS


Say I wanted to run two separate communities on the same VPS, what would be the best way to go about it?

Any advice will be much appreciated!
Cheers :grinning:

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Good luck! :v:

Alrighty thanks :grinning:

This may be a silly question but can’t you just install two separate containers for each?

Yes you can. read the contents of the yml files for hints. you want to change directory mappings and some other tweaks.

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You’ll need a reverse proxy if you have two containers. You’ll want to do a two container install so that you have only one postgres running. You’ll need at least 2gb to do it, though 4 might be better, so if you hope this will save money over a single 1gb vm, you’re better off just using two small vms.

It’s an advanced setup, so if you’re not already familiar with a two container install, it’s going to be some work.

The multisite topic has some hints about setting up multiple databases.


This pretty much sums it up for me.

Thanks bud :slight_smile:


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