Migrating off S3 ... Just wondering ... would rclone + minio be an option?

The idea would be to sync the files from S3 with rclone and then hope that minio and s3 use the same paths. Did anyone try this already? would this be workable in general?

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This has some discussion: Moving from one S3 bucket to another

I’m working on a howto but it’s not quite ready yet.


Noting that the linked discussion doesn’t directly address minio perse at this time:

  • You can choose to use the same paths; mc (minio-client) can copy a whole bucket just fine, or I’d expect rclone to work as well. I used mc to keep a local copy of S3 files in the past; I use mc’s mirror mode to stream backups to S3: MKJ's Opinionated Discourse Deployment Configuration
  • It won’t be the same URLs; this is where it’s like moving from one S3 bucket to another, which is a similar problem to switching from one S3-like service to another.

After I accidentally broke things migrating my own site content off S3 back to being locally hosted (related to this migration having been disabled until it’s implemented correctly), I have recommended trying a migration from S3 to minio as an alternative to trying to migrate to local storage.

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