Migrating off S3 ... Just wondering ... would rclone + minio be an option?

Noting that the linked discussion doesn’t directly address minio perse at this time:

  • You can choose to use the same paths; mc (minio-client) can copy a whole bucket just fine, or I’d expect rclone to work as well. I used mc to keep a local copy of S3 files in the past; I use mc’s mirror mode to stream backups to S3: MKJ's Opinionated Discourse Deployment Configuration
  • It won’t be the same URLs; this is where it’s like moving from one S3 bucket to another, which is a similar problem to switching from one S3-like service to another.

After I accidentally broke things migrating my own site content off S3 back to being locally hosted (related to this migration having been disabled until it’s implemented correctly), I have recommended trying a migration from S3 to minio as an alternative to trying to migrate to local storage.