Move all topics from 1 category to other and tagging


We want to move all articles from 1 category to the other, Our categories article count range is from 10 to 34,000. We tried the way mentioned here and it works well for few topics. Is there any other tool that help us to achieve this?

I checked myself in rails code and found a way to achieve this manually using rails console by following this piece of code
operator =, topic_ids, operation, group: operation[:group])
changed_topic_ids = operator.perform!


If you want to move all of the topics to another category, why not just rename the category?

Yes this would work well in some case but if we have 2 categories and each have 1000 topic and we want to merge them then this would not work. Thanks for good idea.

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I have had to make some large moves in the past to remove unpopular categories. The only thing to keep me sane is relying on a keyboard macro tool to handle some of the repetition of selecting the topics (x tabs and space). I use

Ultimately, would be nice to have a bulk move tool in Discourse, but understandably not a priority since it is not something used that often


If you are changing the category of many thousands of topics, you will probably want to do that at the command line on the server.


How do we can move all topics of a category to a tag?
Thank you!

I think there are some examples here somewhere. If you don’t get a response soon enough and have a budget, let me know.

i want to all of topics category classify by tag and remove category :slight_smile: