Migration strategy and "account created" mail

Hi everyone,
first post here. I tried to search for something useful but I did not had any luck. I need an advice about my migration strategy.

I have a forum developed by myself. A very basic forum, no social logins, only email addresses, names and passwords. Soon, I will need to migrate it to Discourse.

What I want to do:

  • import users one by one, creating a new account for them automatically;
  • send them an email to let them choose a new password;

Now, I would like to use the API calls to do this, both for users and related posts. My only question is: if the signup mail is used for new users that sign up by themselves, what the “account created” email does?

I imagined that the “account created” email is sent when I manually create them. Am I wrong? What should I do to reach my objective?

Thank you so much for your help, in advance.

Really love this platform :grinning:


For everyone will need an help for a similar problem in the future, I figured out a solution.

  1. Add every user using APIs, the same goes for topics and posts;
  2. When creating the user, set the “active” field to 1, in order to have an already active user. By doing this, he/she will not receive any email;
  3. Send a custom email to every user in which I notify about the migration, and invite him to change his/her password by going to the password recovery page;
  4. Ta dah!

Have a nice day everyone :slight_smile: