Is it possible to clone all my user accounts into Discourse?

We have integrated the Discourse API into our website for the forum and messaging functionality first of all. And we wanted every of our users to automatically have a Discourse user account so they could be using the messaging functionality in general also outside of what would be the forum. Is that possible in general? First of all to clone the users and secondly to use Discourse’s message feature outside of the forum?


Does your current site have OAuth? If so it would make transferring account. Much easier since your users would simply click “Log-in with old site” and it would make them a new account on the spot.

I don’t know if there is a way to use Discourse messaging outside of the platform without some clever programming.


That’s certainly possible. Our migration scripts do mass user creation in a similar fashion:

Since you are familiar with the API, you can also use that to create new users: Discourse API Docs


Thanks for your answers @Falco and @crcoli7307! We’ll definitely try this and see if we can get the private messaging functionality alive for all of our pages as well.


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