Min password length

Why I cant reduce min password length to less than 8? :thinking:

Because doing so creates more insecure passwords. Short passwords are easier to crack.


Why do you want to have passwords of less than 8 characters?

I’m wondering if this is a problem for you because you’re trying to do something else which requires it.

Ofcourse I know this. But I think admin should be able to define whatever suits for their community.

This is the discussion where the 8 minimum was set:


So is there a command line for changing it as mentioned here?

No, but there should be a site setting.

You can use the search box on your Settings page to find settings by name. Entering “Min Password Length” into the search box should return the setting for you to change.

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I’m aware of the site setting “Min Password Length”. But its been set to minimum of 8 characters. I want to reduce it even more as pointed by @erlend_sh in the quote.

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So isn’t there a solution to make min password length even less from shell? :thinking: