Minecraft Auto Whitelisting

What would you like done?
A way for users to add their minecraft account or username to their profile and have it either send a rcon command to the server whitelisting them or some sort of plugin integration with waterfall/spigot/bukkit

When do you need it done?
No rush. Just don’t see it as a current plugin for this platform where there are multiple available for things like xenforo, vbulletin, phpbudy, etc.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
I’m a small community and this plugin isn’t integral to our workflow. I could cobble together a small amount towards your efforts. I don’t know how difficult what I’m requesting to be done is, so I don’t want to presume it’s value/cost.


Dude, are offering this or you ask?

Asking for it. Thank you

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That’s a very good idea, dude, I think that I need such a plugin too. I have recently created a really cool server with a lot of different mods, and with a very good minecraft server hosting ggservers, and I think that I would like to use such a plugin too. It may be very useful, because I am using a whitelist, to avoid cheaters

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I’d recommend putting a bounty on this, as it seems like it’s not something very trivial to implement. I’d start with at least $200, but it may take more for it to be worth someone’s while to build unless it’s a passion/learning project.

Possibly some of the parties interested could contribute?


You should start a Paypal Pool :slight_smile:

Maybe ask some other minecraft communities to pitch in?

Once you hit at least $500, ping me.


I was going to say at least $500 as well, and that’s if it were clear what the calls to do the verification were. It wasn’t immediately clear to me just how to go about it in a few minutes of searching. Maybe https://mc-oauth.net/?


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