Minimum character limit to post a 'reply" & identify promo links

Hi Team,

Thank you for all the great things you do!

I need some help with this query. One of our users posted a 3 letter word and hyperlinked it to a website url as a reply.

My concerns are two questions.

1) Is there a minimum/maximum limit we can assign as number of characters needed in a post a 'reply" to get published?(i have seen it for topics and post description). Image below.

2) Is there a mechanism in the platform to identify the hyperlink to be promotional, spam, advertisements, paid subscriptions etc.?


The min post length site setting should work here.

See Discourse Akismet Anti-Spam, and also search for spam in your site settings to see other useful settings, like the newuser spam host threshold and the allowed spam host domains may be helpful here.


Thank you @osioke for the quick reply. I’ll check the options.


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