Max character length of Discourse Replies below WP Posts

(Erik Molenaar) #1

Hi Discourse team,

Sometimes replies below WP Posts are very long. This is great content when reading directly in Discourse, but sometimes too much to handle to show below a WP Post. It can almost look kinda spammy.

A real live example is at: Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) | I always show 5 replies and the 4th reply is almost 16,000 pixels in height. Great when reading it in Discourse, but not so much below a post.

I would like to suggest to limit the length of the reply and show a link to continue reading the reply on Discourse.

Suggested settings in Wordpress plugin:

Thanks for listening and looking forward to your reply.

(Erik Molenaar) #3

Please note the {discourse_url} in above code should be {comment_url}, but these are not parsed as these should be in HTML and not PHP.

Anyone more skilled in PHP out there who could take a look at my code? Thx :slight_smile:

(Erik Molenaar) #4

For everyone interested, the amazing @joebuhlig created a plugin for us at which does just that. I like to share it with the community: