Miro integration

We are using Miro for visual collaboration. Does discourse have plans to integrate with Miro?
Miro is a great for brainstorming ideas


Miro is a great tool!

I’ve used it with many groups in the past.

We don’t have any current plans to build a direct integration with Miro. Do you have anything in particular in mind?

One thing that I’ve found useful in the past when using Miro alongside Discourse is to export frames from Miro as images and include them in topics. At times I’ve also made those images hyperlinks back to that frame (if I know everyone or most people have access to the board).

Another thing I recall doing is copying bullet lists from Discourse into Miro to great a list of sticky notes in Miro. I might have had to use Google Sheets as an intermediate to make that work. It’s been a little while…


Miro is definitely a good and useful tool and it would be nice to get it integrated somehow into Discourse. But is has one big disadvantage: it is a commercial SaaS service and “closed source”.

I would prefer to integrate an open source solution instead, something like

This fits better into the discourse ecosystem as open source software, although it is currently just an “offline” application (bis this may change). Code:

This looks like a very promising way to tackle this from the open source / self hosting side of things.

It is web-based and looks like it could be configured to use a Discourse instance for OIDC authorisation with something like this:

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