Mirror mailing list with moderation


I would like to mirror a mailing list. I read Creating a read-only mailing list mirror, but have some questions and special requirements.

The list is mainly an announcement list and I want forum users allow to reply to postings, without these replies get through to the list. No problem so far.

  1. However, some of the mails are not intended for the greater audience. Is it possible to send all incoming mails to a moderation queue? (need to have for us)

  2. Is it possible to have all incoming mails appear as forum posts from the same user? (nice to have)

Best Thanks!

You could restrict the category used as mailing list mirror to staff members, and move the topics to a public, read-only category manually after a moderator reviewed the topic.

Either make sure that all emails sent to the mailing list have the same sender or change the post owner in Discourse during the moderation step.