Mislabeled(?) moderator data


I was just poking around in /admin/dashboard/moderation and had a “well, that can’t be right” reaction, so I thought I’d pass it on.

a) should the row title be “Averages” instead of “Totals”?
b) “for sample” makes me think this is supposed to be about the currently-visible subset, and for ‘Time reading’ that works, but for ‘Posts created’ for example it seems a bit off.

Anyway, this is not earth-shattering for me, so FWIW.


It looks fine to me given that your screenshot indicates another 6 pages of records (see bottom right) which I expect to sum to the totals shown.


I do agree that the text “Totals for sample” is a bit misleading here, cause you could think a sample is just 1 page, also the pagination controls are not positioned right, they should be between the two.

I think we should change the word here to “Totals”, and move the pagination to above the totals row. @awesomerobot ?

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…for the record, I’ve just realized I missed the unit change from the individual rows (h) to the Total row (d). But the Post created “Total for sample” (and yes, “sample” would seem to be the single page I’m on) is still super confusing.