Missing dark mode feature?

Hello. I’m not sure what’s going on, but my forum doesn’t have a dark mode, but if I install a new Discourse instance, I can see the colour palettes and user preferences for Dark mode. Any ideas what’s up>

My forum - Admin:
There’s no options in the Colour Palette dropdown.

My forum - User preferences:

A new Discourse instance - Admin:
Colour palette options:

A new Discourse instance - User preferences:



Thats odd. For now just create a new theme called dark and apply the dark colour scheme to it along side any theme components.


Can you go to /admin/customize/colors and add a dark colour palette there?

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Ah, that did the trick.

Thank you!

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To get the extra ‘dark mode’ box I think you have to add two dark colour palettes (for my test I added dark and WCAG dark). I then also had to log-out and log back in again for the changes on my preference page to take effect.

And removing the second dark colour palette (and logging-out and back in again) removed the second ‘dark mode’ dropdown.

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